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A few weeks ago, I gave a 30-minute talk about PatientsLikeMe at Bil:Pil, the unconference following TEDMED in San Diego (where Jamie Heywood made an amazing presentation, by the way). The topic of my presentation was “A Healthy Mix with an Economic Twist.” I focused on how difficult it can be to make money in the Health 2.0 space because companies must balance patient needs with commercial reality to keep the doors open.

Central to that discussion for PatientsLikeMe are our core values. As I’ve discussed many times before, it is our imperative to keep patients first in all of our endeavors, including building the revenue base for the company, because we must honor the trust patients give us in sharing their deep health information.

There was a mini-flurry of Twitter activity during the talk as well. Check out some of the thoughts from leaders in the space to the right.

What do you think? Video from Bil:Pil will be available in the coming weeks. Kudos to Jonathan Sheffi and team for organizing a great unconference!

PatientsLikeMe member dwilliams

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