As 2013 winds down… Part II

PatientsLikeMe Employees Raising Their Hands for Rare Disease Day 2013When we kicked off 2013 back in January, we shared that what inspires everyone at PatientsLikeMe to live better is YOU. We also renewed our promise to continue putting patients first, and a couple days ago we posted on the blog about just some of  the ways the community has continued to change healthcare for good by adding their voices to real-time research and sharing personal health experiences.






In just this last year, PatientsLikeMe…

There’s even more you can check out in our newsroom too.

Also on the blog…

And last, but not least…

the PatientsLikeMe website got a makeover in November. Haven’t seen it yet? Take a short, one-minute virtual tour with Kim Goodwin, our Vice President of User Experience.

From everyone at PatientsLikeMe, thank you and Happy New Year!

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1 thought on “As 2013 winds down… Part II”

  1. Laura Henze Russell

    I’d like to talk with you about adding a disease category for dental mercury poisoning or amalgam illness. It afflicts people with certain common gene types (at least 20 percent of the population) that are also associated with a number of the disease categories you list. It results in a raft of chronic diseases over time, as people with methylation defects who do not clear mercury, other heavy metals and toxins well, accumulating a bioburden over time that damages intracellular transport, creating inflammation and fueling chronic diseases. This is recognized in a growing number of countries, which have banned or restricted its use with strong warnings and contraindications for certain populations, but not in the U.S. where it is an inconvenient truth to the patent-holding ADA which fights tooth and nail to defend its use.

    I’ve met people all around the country, and a growing number of in community and in Massachusetts, who were diagnosed with many of the diseases you list, but have fully or largely recovered when they figured out the cause, put together a knowledgeable treatment team, and got healthy again. It is not the only cause for everyone, but the major cause for some. Mercury has synergistic effects with other heavy metals and toxins, amplifying and accelerating disease. The standard blood and urine tests only measure circulating mercury, and will be negative for some of the most poisoned people as they do not excrete it given defects in their methylation pathways, which is why doctors miss the diagnosis. There are alternate tests one can use.

    So, Patients Like Me need to know their gene types, and their toxins. With this knowledge, we can unlock and reverse the keys to many chronic diseases. I would love to partner with you to advance this knowledge and get pharmaceutical companies barking up the right trees so we can all get healthy faster, quicker and at less cost and expense. They will have a huge market for products that address and reverse the problem because it is so widespread, vs. palliative Rx for symptoms and lifelong disease management for each form of inflammation which is the current, outdated paradigm.

    Thanks, and Happy New Year!

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