A Live Online Event: The extended effects of sleep deprivation

Recently, PatientsLikeMe co-founder Jamie Heywood and the member community were featured on TEDMED’s blog, and we’re happy to share the post with you this morning. In case you didn’t know, TEDMED is a “multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine.” (Check out their website here.) Coming up this Thursday, Jamie is going to be part of a live online conversation, talking about chronic illness and it’s impact on sleep. It’s a free event that anyone can join, so we hope to see you there.

Here’s what’s featured on TEDMED’s blog:

The more we know about the physiological effects of sleep deprivation, the less we seem to know about its prevalence, diagnosis and effects on our well being.

The online network PatientsLikeMe recently conducted a survey of more than 5,200 members — people with life-changing health conditions — about sleep, which revealed that most respondents think they have a sleep problem, and have suffered for a year or more.

In fact, a quarter of those said that they rarely get a good night’s sleep. Yet only a small percentage had actually been diagnosed with insomnia. The effects of sleep deprivation, meanwhile, affected their emotional well-being and relationships, and led to dangerous behavior when driving.

Why would sleep loss in what would seem to be an obviously affected population — the chronically ill — go under-diagnosed, and how much do their conditions affect their sleep, and vice versa? What factors are to blame for their sleep loss, and how can we better quantify and treat an issue with such complex causes? Join our live online conversation this Thursday at 2pm ET to discuss the issue and to hear more surprising results from the PatientsLikeMe survey. Our special guest is James Heywood, PatientsLikeMe’s co-founder and director.

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  1. Would loved to have attended but on my 50th Honeymoon (some would say 50th Anniversary) trip. Do another Hangout for other conditions or diseases such as IPF, please.

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