New graphic: See (and add to) the power of 60+ #MoreThan stories

What are all the roles you play in life beyond “patient”? When we kicked off the #MoreThan campaign – asking our members about all the ways they’re more than their diagnoses – we didn’t know just how many stories we’d hear.

This new graphic captures what the PatientsLikeMe community has shared so far – about their relationships, professions, passions and more. Feeling inspired? See how you can spread the #MoreThan message to help knock down stigma and raise awareness of your condition(s). (Because there’s power in patients, together.) Not a social (media) butterfly? Join the community and share in the forum!

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More than a disease

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1 thought on “New graphic: See (and add to) the power of 60+ #MoreThan stories”

  1. I am #MoreThan Epilepsy!
    I am a daughter, a sister a family member and a friend. I touch the lives of other by being me. I am someone who has always liked help people. I am on disabilty so I don’t work. I spend time volunteering when I can. Daily i spend hours out ofmy day on epilepsy support groups I created. I support my peers. I have a weekly video epilepsy support confrence group. I am a PLM Ambassador. Epilepsy Education Ambasador, I was the Massachuetts Purple Day Ambasador turned Zacim bridge Purple. Family time is a big thing for me.

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