Lumiday Mood Enhancer supplement

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A dietary supplement, Lumiday Mood Enhancer contains Vitamins B1, 3, 5, 6, 9 and 12, as well as Vitamin D3, L-theanine, 5-HTP, St. John’s Wort, Rhodiola Rosea Extract and Ashwagandha Root.  Together, these key ingredients are thought to help promote a positive mood, balance serotonin levels, control appetite and potentially reduce stress and anxiety.  But is it possible to achieve all that without side effects?

That’s exactly what you can find out when you connect with others at PatientsLikeMe.  Currently, one PatientsLikeMe member with multiple sclerosis (MS) reports taking Lumiday Mood Enhancer to treat her “anxious mood.”  She reports no Lumiday side effects and an effectiveness of “slight” or “none.”  Here’s what she writes on her Lumiday treatment evaluation:  “Under “normal” daily living I do think it helps. Right now I am under a lot of stress so I don’t see much help.”


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  • I tried lumiday for a few days and I feel it was making me more depressed. And I felt more fatigued & nervous. I stopped taking it and now I feel much better, getting back to normal. Definitely it didn’t help me to have a better mood, If anything worse mood.

  • I started taking Lumiday just to ease stress – within three days I felt on edge, cranky, I found my jaw was tight, I was clenching my teeth. I didn’t take it today and am starting to feel better, I had to apologize to a co-worker for being short tempered and my poor husband who I accused of ignoring me – he is the sweetest guy, he left me a love note.
    I think that our brain chemistry is all very unique and this mixture for me was not helpful.

  • It worked for me. At first I didn’t take it every day, only on days I felt I needed a boost. I am currently going through a really bad time and I tend to take it more often. When I take it I feel more relaxed and less depressed.

  • I started taking this after experiencing a severe panic attack. I would say within 4 days of starting it I started to feel the effects. It is very calming. I am about 4 weeks in and very happy with this. No anxiety. I have taken 5htp by itself before and I loved it, this I love more. I definitely recommend trying this product.

  • It has really helped me. It is a noticeable difference – works better than my prescription. I’m VERY happy with this product.

  • I have been taking Lumiday for about a week or two and the biggest problem I see is I feel constantly dehydrated and dry mouthed. I have a surplus of energy to make matters worse so my sleep schedule is off as well as my appetite which is greatly decreased. However it is helping to balance my mood when I take the dosage of two pills.

  • I am grateful to have found this supplement. For some reason, it works great for me and makes a real difference in my mood and energy levels. I have been taking it for about 5 years and much prefer natural supplements to prescription drugs. Best prices seem to be on amazon.

  • Does the supplement have any interaction with prescription drugs such as Effexor?

  • I just started taking it 2 days, but I’m crying uncontrollably! Has anyone had this happen? I’m very confused!

  • Some of the ingredients are not recommended for me other illnesses issues like hashimoto disease st john wort not recommended for this thyroid issue.i just don’t like taking chemicals dr recommends even though they work don’t know if I should try lumiday

  • I was looking forward to positive results however after taking it twice a day for almost two weeks it is not working for me. I’m feeling more anxious, more irritable than normal, and I want to eat all the time whether I’m hungry or not – basically I’m depressed as hell. I’ve stopped taking it – hopefully these symptoms subside.