Sleeping with a health condition

The elusive “good night’s sleep.” Does it exist? Or is a bad night’s sleep the norm? Catching enough Zzzs can be complicated, especially when you’re living with a chronic illness. So, how can lack of sleep impact your health? Take a look at the results from a study we did with 5,200+ members of the PatientsLikeMe community:

How are you sleeping? Does your sleep affect your health? Or vice versa? Add your voice to the forum.

Want to know more about sleep? Stay tuned for the 4-1-1 on circadian rhythm.

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2 thoughts on “Sleeping with a health condition”

  1. I had insomnia with Vimpat. I aslo woke up in the middle of the night, because I couldn’t breath in the middle of the night several times. I got acpap machine and sleep at least 5 hours a night then take it off. I usually sleep 2 or 3 more hours.

  2. I had insomnia before, the doctor advised me sleeping pills, but I was looking for another way to treat my illness, and I decided to change my mattress, and after buying a new mattress – I started to sleep better.

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