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As the holiday spirit finally came upon us we thought we should do something nice for our members. There are thousands of them (and many more every day), so it isn’t reasonable to thank every one (we may look like Santa Claus, but we’re not, sadly). So we decided to thank the “stars” of the community – our three star members- and send them a PatientsLikeMe package with a rare PatientsLikeMe T-shirt, and other goodies.

Here are some of our members showing off their new shirts….

jcamero t-shirt photo
This is one of our longer-time MS members, jhcamero, who has recorded 12 years of treatment and symptom information on the site. You have to love the “Christmas Story” lamp and stocking in the background.

kakaijade tshirt
This is Kakijade, who was diagnosed fairly recently, and has used the site to track her care since joining in August. Both of these members are frequent contributors to the site. Both are being treated with newer meds, and their sharing of their experience with these drugs is very helpful for other members.

PatientsLikeMe is about patients sharing their experiences and outcomes with each other so they can all better manage their disease and make the best possible decisions. These profile stars reflect how much sharing members are doing with one another. Three-star patients have provided detailed current and historical healthcare information about their condition. Having these complete profiles really helps others understand the history of the progression of the condition, and how it has been treated.

Everyone who had received their PatientsLikeMe package has been delighted, and we’re told they’re wearing them with pride, sharing their excitement for what the site means for them.

We look forward to sending out many more of these “thank you” packages to our three-star members.

As they say, “ho, ho, ho!”

Tim Horgan

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6 thoughts on “PatientsLikeMe T-Shirts”

  1. Thanks for the post Tim, it’s great to see pictures of our community wearing our T-shirts! And thank you to all of our three-star patients.

  2. Nice follow-up to the t-shirts. Many of our members are our best evangelists–they love that they now have the tools to see how they are doing, share their specific symptoms and treatments, and to compare and learn from others with similar issues. One of our patients wore her t-shirt to her neuro appointment, brought her PatientsLikeMe Doctor Visit Sheet, told him how valuable the site is to her, and then told him he needed to visit the site. He’d already been to the site but didn’t understand the value of the doctor visit sheet until he saw hers with all the information he needed about her recent relapse.

  3. I’m with Cindy! I’ve been a three-star member for quite some time and would like to know how to get a tee-shirt. I would love to wear it with pride!!!

  4. Tim
    I am so glad my dr did visit PLM and got to see first hand how great the doctor visit sheet is a vauable tool for him and makes it so mcuh easier than fliping thru his doctors notes to remember. this is at his finger tips and i plan on taking one every time i go back for a dr visit. thanks again for a great spreadsheet to not only help me but help my neurologist

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