MS Patients Stepping into the Real-World

With 13,000+ members, the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) community is currently the largest community at PatientsLikeMe. Many of our members are just as active online as they are off. There are a countless number of ways for people to get involved in supporting research for the disease, and many patients choose to participate in the thousands of walks and runs that take place year round. At PatientsLikeMe, our members have a voice in research by sharing data about their condition.  However, we also support patients’ decision to take their involvement offline.

Earlier this year, PatientsLikeMe introduced a program to support and sponsor Walk/Run teams. We are encouraged by the success this initiative has already seen since its inception. To date, hundreds of people across all our communities have participated in teams sponsored by PatientsLikeMe, with many of those teams from our MS community.

Want to see some of our patients in action? Head on over to the PatientsLikeMe YouTube page at and check out some of your fellow patients on the move.  All the pictures from the video and more are also in our Facebook photo album, so check them out (and while you’re there don’t forget to friend us either!) Thanks to all who participated in the program and gave us the material for this first video. Keep on walkin’ everyone!

(Special props to our summer intern, Shane, for editing the video and producing the music for it!)

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3 thoughts on “MS Patients Stepping into the Real-World”

  1. I think it is awesome when people participate in walks and runs to help raise money towards MS research. My twin sister was diagnosed around 2 years ago with MS, and ever since then we have participated in walks.

  2. I was diagnosed in ’98 and I don’t have anyone I can trust or talk too in my life. I am married and have a difficult relationship with my wife. My only fried is a homeless guy that she disapproves of. My life sucks. I hope everybody else is doing better than me. I don’t like being soo lonely all the time and hate being disabled.
    Robert Moore

  3. David S. Williams III

    @Jessica: Thanks for your participation! MS research can only be advanced with greater awareness.

    @Bobby: You are not alone. There are multiple online communities where you can talk to people who are experiencing the same things that you are. PatientsLikeMe is just one. We welcome you to join to see if our community is for you.

    Best Regards,

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