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facebook-logo.gifAre you on Facebook? We are! Simply search for “PatientsLikeMe” to find our new company page. Once there, click “Become A Fan,” and a “My Pages” link will be added to your profile. Remember, Facebook is an open platform that anyone can view and isn’t part of PatientsLikeMe. Therefore, any information you share about you is open to the 100 million Facebook members. Thanks for spreading the word about us to your Facebook friends.

Currently, our Facebook page features photos from the AIDS Walk Boston, which drew over 20,000 participants and raised $1.2 million. We were proud to be a sponsor of the Wellness Festival that accompanied the successful June 1st event. Where can you see us next? We’re a sponsor of the National Parkinson’s Foundation’s 6th Annual Young-Onset Parkinson’s Network Conference, August 7th-9th in Atlanta, Georgia. Staffers Paul Wicks, a speaker at the conference, and Maureen Oakes will be present.

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2 thoughts on “PatientsLikeMe Facebook Page”

  1. Robert Galbraith

    My wife has come across a treatment for Parkinsons by a “renegade neurologist”. He injects Glutathione, a anti-oxidant into his Parkinson patients and within 30-60 min they have a miraculous transformation. They can walk normally, expressive faces, no trouble turning around etc. Do you know anyone who has taken this treatment? Please let us know if you have and who the doctor was that gave it to you and where located. Thanks very much. (Dr. Perlman is the doctor that founded this method.)


  2. David S. Williams III


    You would be better served by joining the community as a caregiver and asking the question in the forum. If you don’t want to do that, you can search our site for Glutathione to see how many patients with Parkinson’s have been exposed to this treatment.

    We discourage the use of the word “miraculous” on the site, as some treatments work for some and not for others. We’re very excited that your wife has received such amazing results! We would love for you to share that information as a member of the site and have your wife join as a patient and document her success.

    The PatientsLikeMe Team

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