Voices of Fibromyalgia: Patient Video

As we end the year, we give you the last 2008 video from PatientsLikeMe and the first of our new fibromyalgia community.  We asked this newly launched community to tell us “How are you overcoming fibromyalgia?”  This is what they had to say:

Thanks to all of you who contributed your “voice” to this video.   It’s truly a reflection of patients helping patients live better every day.  We look forward to hearing more voices in 2009!

Happy New Year!

PatientsLikeMe member lscanlon

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1 thought on “Voices of Fibromyalgia: Patient Video”

  1. Ellen Gershenbaum

    holly, your exact words could have come from my mouth. i’ve had fibro and degenerative disc disease for 25 yrs, and it never gets easier. when i first got it, i had 2 young children, the word fibro didn’t even exist, and drs told me i was making it up to get drugs! it’s so tough having to adapt your life around an illness all the time. i had to retire from teaching because of the pain. but i do my best and try to look at the positive sides of my life. we have to keep making ourselves heard. thanks so much for sharing your story! we are sisters.

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