Patients Like Me Can Run 13.1 Miles With Fibromyalgia

13.1 grueling miles.  A half marathon.  Running that distance for anyone is a challenge that takes months of training and dedication.  Imagine running that distance having fibromyalgia.

My close friend and PatientsLikeMe member, Minnie Lee, has fibromyalgia and courageously ran in the Surf City Half Marathon last Sunday.  This wasn’t even her first time running it.  She has dedicated herself to running and finishing half marathons and triathlons despite her disease.  Pain or no pain, Minnie finishes.

PatientsLikeMe was there to sponsor and encourage Minnie to achieve her goal:  finish in under 3 hours.  “I run because so many people can’t,” says Minnie breathlessly through tears after crossing the finish line.  Supported by close friends Shirley Huang and Lilian Tham, Minnie finished strong despite the pain.

Yes, Patients Like Minnie can run 13.1 miles!

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