What’s Positive About Disease?

What Are You Unexpectedly Grateful for?

It may seem counterintuitive, but according to some of our members, there are actually some good things that can come out of being diagnosed with a serious illness.  In the spirit of Thanksgiving – a time when many people are reminded of all the things they have to be grateful for – we thought we would share some of our members’ uplifting sentiments.

From our Fibromyalgia Community, some of the unexpected benefits include:

  • Getting to spend more time with children or grandchildren
  • Taking advantage of “good days” with a little extra gusto
  • Appreciating what you have…and knowing it could be worse
  • Refocusing on new hobbies like gardening and meditation

From our Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Community, some of the unexpected benefits include:

  • Letting go of the pressurized feeling that you have to do it all
  • A deeper understanding of how many people face major challenges
  • Discovering new artistic talents, such as painting or needle work
  • Slowing down the pace of life and prioritizing sleep – without guilt

From our Epilepsy Community, some of the unexpected benefits include:

  • Learning to never judge a person by only what you see
  • Becoming more patient and not taking anything for granted
  • Filtering out fair-weather friends and uncaring partners
  • Having extra motivation to live the healthiest lifestyle possible

What about you?  Have you noticed some positive takeaways from your illness?  Share them in our comments section in honor of Thanksgiving.  And, from everyone at PatientsLikeMe, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday!

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5 thoughts on “What’s Positive About Disease?”

  1. My disease frustrates me to no end at times…BUT…it has made me VERY thankful for what I have. When it gets hard to do the normal…normal sometimes seems like an elusive thing…but I am ALWAYS thankful for what I have and what I have left. It could ALWAYS be worse.

  2. jose romero (prelado, prelator)

    Well, folks of Patientslikeme, my disease will drive me to the tomb but I hope you’ll get more of these. I totally agree with Lois’s comments. Truly yours,

  3. Shirley Weinberger

    There are some days I feel I can’t go on but then again I I am so thankful for being able to get to sleep in in the mornings and take my time when doing things. The love of my husband,& my son & daugther & the love of my granddaughters. They are what is keeping me going.

  4. I can only share my observation on people having serious illness. These people have a positive outlook in life. They appreciate small and big things that came in their life and have deeper level of understanding when it comes to the meaning of life.

  5. I have learned that “everyone has a story” and we should all listen to those stories. We could learn something if we listen. I have also learned that just because I have a disease that you can see, doesn’t mean I can’t do the job. We need to give everyone a chance. It is much more rewarding to accept each person for what they have to offer……..

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