Series Premiere of “The Patient Voice” – Meet Pokie Too!

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“This represents my family, we share everything together.”
– PokieToo, PatientsLikeMe Parkinson’s Community

“The Patient Voice” is here!  Are you ready to listen in?  Today is the official premiere of our new PatientsLikeMeOnCallTM podcast, “The Patient Voice.”  Our first guest is Parkinson’s community member, PokieToo. Pokie is the founder and creator of the PatientsLikeMe Parkinson’s quilt, a handmade and inspiring piece of patchwork pulled together by members all over the world.  A valuable member of the PatientsLikeMe community, Pokie is recognized in the greater Parkison’s community as a leader and advocate.  She has worked a lot with various nonprofits, including as a consultant for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation Parkinson’s Quilt Project, and she’s the captain of our members’ Team PatientsLikeMe at the Parkinson’s Disease Unity Walk every year.

As you’ll learn from hearing from other members throughout this series, everyone knows her and loves her.  Pokie is truly an inspiration to everyone she meets. Listen in to learn about how the PatientsLikeMe PD quilt was created, how it’s being used to empower other patients, and why she calls PatientsLikeMe her family.

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  2. Hi Im a 65 yr old male 4yrs PD on Azilect for 2 yrs. My rt arm tremor has gotten really bad, the doc feels I should continue w/o any new meds because the rest of my symtons are good .Any feedback?

  3. Pokie: Congratulations on your newest advocacy venture.The gang at PLM as well as Facebook will enjoy your blogs along with your continuing posts to PLM. Bandido1

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  5. Great to see that a site like this allows people to share their experiences and find solace in not being alone with their suffering. Keep it up.

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