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Blogger, Author, Keynote Speaker and Cancer Survivor E-Patient Dave, Also Known as Dave deBronkart

We first introduced you to E-Patient Dave – a well-known blogger, author and keynote speaker in the healthcare space – last summer.  Given our similar views on many health matters, we see a lot of E-Patient Dave at the conferences and events we attend.  Case in point, our President and Co-Founder Ben Heywood was on a panel with him at the Military Health System Conference just a few weeks ago.

For this particular “high-speed” panel, each speaker was given just 12 minutes to share their story.  So what did E-Patient Dave do?  Exactly what any good digital age citizen would:  he covered the important things and then directed people to his website to find all the related websites and resources.  Given that he’s a cancer survivor and e-patient advocate who believes in “letting patients help,” we were curious what links E-Patient Dave recommends for others who are seeking to take control of their health and join the e-patient movement.

Here’s a sampling of Dave’s top resources along with a brief description:

All About the E-Patient Movement, and Its Founder, Dr. Tom Ferguson (“Doctom”)

Other Resources for the Budding E-Patient

(See Dave’s full list of resources here.)

What about all of you e-patients out there?  Do you have any Internet resources that other patients should know about?  Share your own recommendations in the comments section.

p.s.  In December, E-Patient Dave stopped by our office to talk to the team during our weekly Journal Club luncheon.  Stay tuned for a podcast of what he shared with us.

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