CBS Evening News, BusinessWeek, Fibromyalgia: Oh, Just Your Typical Friday

It’s exciting times for PatientsLikeMe!

fibronew.pngToday, our new community for people with fibromyalgia goes live on our site.  Spread the word!  Let’s bring a new level of understanding to this disease in a way that nobody else can.  Next week: a blog series regarding this new community and the people in it.

bw_255x541.gifIf you haven’t checked out the most recent issue of BusinessWeek yet, you’re in for a treat. Senior writer Catherine Arnst takes an in-depth look at how PatientsLikeMe is “changing the nature of drug research and the practice of medicine” in her article –  “Health 2.0:  Patients As Partners.”

picture-5.pngFinally, turn your channel to CBS Evening News with Katie Couric tonight to see PatientsLikeMe featured in a segment with medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  Part of a week-long series about patients finding medical information online, our piece will include interviews with a patient member, as well as our founders.

We have lots happening, and lots more to come!  Stay tuned…literally.

PatientsLikeMe member lscanlon

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5 thoughts on “CBS Evening News, BusinessWeek, Fibromyalgia: Oh, Just Your Typical Friday”

  1. I watched the CBS Evening News with a live feed on their website as I don’t get a lot of stations on my TV (no cable) and the local news was still on my CBS channel.

    I guess I just wanted to say that video on the internet is a lot more accessible than it ever used to be. I watch most of my favorite shows that way, too. With the popularity of Youtube, I just think that videos are a very effective way of attracting attention, as a general statement. 🙂

    I’m so glad you folks have the site open and are getting a lot of registrations!

  2. Dx of FMS/CFS… 17 years ago… worse than ever although I have gone to many, many doctors, “specialists”. Always had hope, but is now fading. I had a Vagus Nerve implant (clinical study) at UMDNJ- had it removed one year later as it was of no help to me what so ever. So much testing, “abnormal findings” too much to write. I keep trying my hardest every day, but don’t know if I want to anymore- lost hope. PLEASE HELP!

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  4. I was Dx with Fibromyalgia nd Mixed Connective Tissue Disease back in 2003 by Mayo Clinic and I have been dealing with this for all these years on all kinds of medication I would just like some serious help with this so I can enjoy life insstead of being pain all the time your quality of life diminishes, Iam 47 years old and I need all the help I can have so I can enjoy life maybe I need a doctor who deals directly with Fibromyalgia doctor Iam trying to hang in there but it gets hard sometimes and depression.

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