Contest Winners

Posted June 22nd, 2011 by

Congratulations to all of the winners of our first-ever PatientsLikeMe “Express Yourself” Video Contest! How has PatientsLikeMe changed the life of each of these amazing individuals? Watch and find out…

To read more about the contest rules, prizes and eligibility, or to see all of the video submissions, click here.

Most Creative Presentation
“Depression feels like…”
(by tiredoftired of New Jersey)

Most Inspiring Story
“Patients Like Me: Bonni Tipton”
(by tired old me of Delaware)

(Note from Bonni – Special thanks to my daughter and her two friends,
Ketti Viohl and Brian Windle, for all their help with this video!)

Top Voted By Peers | #1
“I Am Not Alone”
(by Roulette67 of New Jersey)

Top Voted By Peers | #2
“I Was Born To Fly: I Have MS But MS Does Not Have Me”
(by special1 of California)

Top Voted By Peers | #3 (tie)
“Mollie’s PLM Welcome”
(by Mollie of Tennessee)

Top Voted By Peers | #3 (tie)
“The Journey”
(by Berge of Wyoming)