Author, Reiki master, inventor, husband: Guest blogger Karl Robb shares why he’s #MoreThan Parkinson’s disease

Inspired by our new #MoreThan video series, patients have been speaking up about what makes them more than their diagnoses. Below, Karl Robb — blogger, author and advocate — shares his #MoreThan story about living with Parkinson’s disease. My name is Karl Robb. I have been blogging about Parkinson’s disease for over 10 years on my […]

Highlighting the many faces of PTSD

  PTSD doesn’t have just one face, it has millions.  During any given year, there are about eight million adults who have PTSD, which is why for PTSD Awareness Day this year, we’re sharing just some of those many faces and the stories behind them. From grandmothers to soldiers, both women and men, the PatientsLikeMe […]