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5 things to know for World Stroke Day

Posted October 29th, 2016 by

In the United States, someone has a stroke every 40 seconds. It’s the fifth leading cause of death in America, but it’s more treatable today than ever. These are just a few of the facts the American Stroke Association is putting out there to spread awareness on World Stroke Day.

Chances are, you’ll know someone in your lifetime who’s affected by stroke. So what else should you know about it? Here are five things…*

  1. Stroke risk increases with age, but young adults, children, and even unborn babies can suffer strokes.
  1. 3 out of 4 people who suffer first strokes have high blood pressure.
  1. If one of your parents had an ischemic stroke before 65, you’re at 3 times the risk of suffering one yourself.
  1. Stroke is largely treatable, thanks to clot-busting drugs and medical devices. But every second counts. The faster you’re treated, the more likely you are to recover without permanent disability.
  1. Speaking of fast, the warning signs of stroke are:


And since prevention is key, check out the simple steps you can take to keep your brain healthy and avoid stroke, dementia and memory loss. If you’ve had a stroke, be sure to connect with more than 760 PatientsLikeMe members in the stroke community and share your experiences!


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Breaking barriers on World Psoriasis Day

Posted October 28th, 2016 by

Back in 2004, a group of patient associations from around the world launched World Psoriasis Day. Conceived by patients, for patients, World Psoriasis Day is an international event that aims to give a voice to the more than 125 million people worldwide living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

This year’s theme is breaking barriers. Psoriasis patients face barriers every day in the healthcare system, at work, in school and social situations. So tomorrow on October 29, the International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA) is calling on everyone to help psoriasis patients:


FIGHT prejudice, stigmatization and discrimination

RAISE awareness, understanding and hope

GAIN access to proper diagnosis, treatment and improved quality of life


Here’s how you can get involved:

Share IFPA’s animated film – This short video focuses on this year’s theme of breaking barriers – help spread it on social media and share it with friends and family.

Join the Thunderclap Campaign – Sign up  and allow Thunderclap to post a message on your social media on October 29 – they’ll be posting at the same time all over the world to speak up for psoriasis with one voice.

And if you’re living with psoriasis, connect with more than 5,400 PatientsLikeMe members in the psoriasis community.

Let’s rally together tomorrow and help break barriers.


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