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The Open Research Exchange- A talk with Paul Tarini and Ben Heywood

Posted August 30th, 2013 by

Founded on a philosophy of “openness,” PatientsLikeMe aggregates patient-reported data from over 200,000 members on 2,000 diseases, analyzes them and shares the results with healthcare and life science companies to accelerate research and develop more effective treatments.

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, we’re now building the Open Research Exchange (ORE) so that researchers, clinicians, academics and patients can collaborate to put patients at the center of the clinical research process. ORE will be the hub where we can work together to develop new health outcome measures and increase our collective understanding of disease – faster than ever before.

Hear RWJF Senior Program Officer Paul Tarini and PatientsLikeMe Co-Founder and President Ben Heywood talk about ORE.



Quick poll- taking control of your health

Posted August 26th, 2013 by

We’re curious about something: how are you taking charge of your health, and how is that changing conversations with your doctors? So, we thought we’d ask in a Quick Poll!

Do you feel more in charge of your health today compared to one year ago?

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What tools do you find the most helpful to manage your health? (check all that apply)

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Are you starting conversations about your health with your doctor more than you have in the past?

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