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Calling All Families Affected by Autism

Posted June 28th, 2011 by

Back in April, we wrote a blog post observing Autism Awareness Month. At that time, we had just over 100 members with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Now, just two months later, we’re pleased to report that our ASD membership has more than tripled with over 350 members reporting ASD and nearly 100 reporting Asperger’s syndrome.

Do you know someone who has a child with ASD? Currently, patients under the age of 20 comprise the largest segment of our ASD patient membership. As a result, we’ve created a leaflet for parents of children with ASD that explains the benefits of joining PatientsLikeMe as a parent/caregiver.

Click on the leaflet image below for a full-size, printable version:

Leaflet for Parents of Children with ASD (Click for a Full-size, Printable Version.)

Imagine the knowledge and support you could gain from finding other children like your child – or other parents like you. Because when you connect with others like you, you can learn what’s normal. You can see how other families are approaching treatment. Most importantly, you can discuss ASD challenges with people that truly understand.

We look forward to the continued growth of our ASD membership. If you know a family affected by ASD, please pass along this leaflet today.

It’s National HIV Testing Day

Posted June 27th, 2011 by

National HIV Testing Day (NHTD): June 27

Have you been tested for HIV recently? Yes, you.

As we wrote in a recent blog, an estimated one in five people with HIV in the US are unaware of their infection. That “one” could be you or someone you know. So instead of wondering, find out your status today during National HIV Testing Day, now in its 16th year. The message is “take the test, take control.”

Use this online locator to find a screening facility near you, and if you’d like, you can research the various types of HIV tests available beforehand. Depending on the individual facility, you may be able to get rapid results in as short as 20 minutes using a method that involves taking a swab of saliva.

Are you afraid to find out the test results? You are not alone. There are benefits to knowing, however. If you test negative, you can be confident of your status. If you test positive, you can begin receiving specialized care and treatment to help you stay healthy. You can also look to the 2,961 HIV patients at PatientsLikeMe for information and support.

Thirty years after the discovery of AIDS, it’s now possible to live a long, productive life with HIV, thanks to advances in treatment. Take basketball legend Magic Johnson, who took the brave step of revealing his HIV+ status in 1991. As a successful businessman and NBA commentator now in his fifties, he is a poster child for thriving with HIV.

So be brave too – and get tested today.