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Janumet 50 1000 is the brand name (and dosage level) of sitagliptin-metformin, a combination prescription drug used in the management of type 2 diabetes.  (50 refers to 50 mg of sitagliptin while 1000 refers to 1000 mg of metformin.)  In addition to diet and exercise, Janumet 50 1000 is prescribed when the use of metformin or sitagliptin alone does not adequately control the condition.

At PatientsLikeMe, where more than 130,000 patients are sharing their experiences with conditions, symptoms, treatments and more, 21 patients report using Janumet 50 1000 or a lower daily dosage (50 mg sitagliptin / 500 mg metformin).  What can we learn from these patients’ experiences?  Quite a bit, actually, thanks to PatientsLikeMe’s unique data-sharing platform.

Looking at the three treatment evaluations submitted for Janumet, all three patients rate the effectiveness as “Moderate,” while side effects were marked as “Mild,” “Moderate” and “Severe,” respectively.  The chief complaint from the patient who reported “Severe” side effects was diarrhea.  However, she writes, “Blood sugars are going down.”


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  1. I have been taking Janumet( Januvia) for approx 7-8 months in that period of time I have had bronchitus 2 times and at least 6 colds, (or the same one) now I have a sinus infection which I have not had in probably 14 years. I have and Immune A deficency , which my doctor knows about, the last time I had the Perscription filled an extra paper was attached to it by my Pharmacy (Walgreens), it was a bullet list for the common side effects of Janumet the first side effect is it can cause upper resperatory infections I was shocked . I am mad that my doctor put me on it and when I saw him 4 weeks ago he didn’t put it together I told him how sick I have been and he didn’t seem concerned at all, when I called and told his nurse yesterday what I had read and told her I quit taking it, and that I thought it was the cause of all my ills,, he told her that the clinical trials proved it was not so, but I believe it is ,.. It could be worse for me because of my immune deficiency but if that is the case more doctors need to be aware. Anyone else having this issue I would love to hear about it….thanks Cindi

  2. I am Diabetic type 2, Having Janumet 50/1000 twice in a day., From Last three years.
    As mentioned above by Cindi”s statement , Even am suffering with the same issues Cold & Sinus,
    moreover Constipation. Joint pain.Muscle aches.Arm or leg pain. Back pain.

  3. I have been taking this medicine for about three weeks I have had the worst diarrhea ever and my stomach constantly hurts. It’s like cramps all day and sometimes the rumbling in my stomach is so loud it’s embarrassing. When I stop taking it for 2 days I was fine but when I started back taking it all the symptoms started back.

  4. I gave notice pain in muscle in my arms and chest pain after I take it feels like a weird pain I take 50/500 one a night but I’m thinking about chucking them best eat correct and exercise than deal with this crap I’m fine off them

  5. when I started using this medicine some complication like wt gain, stouch upset, gastritis and weakness observed.Then I staped the megicine.

  6. I started taking Janumet-50/1000 since January 16 when I was in Qatar. Initially I found the drug perfect for my body. My sugar was perfectly under control. After one month I started experiencing body pain,muscle pain joints pain, sudden coughing during sleeping mode and frequent symtoms of hypoglycemia.Now I am in India. My consultant asked me to stop it immediately. Now I feel better.It was 100% side effect of Janumet-50-1000.

  7. I have used Janumet 50/500 and experienced the gastric problems and pain encountered by others. I changed the time that I take from random times to with meals or immediately after meals, usually at breakfast. I now rigidly take it after breakfast. Now I am fine.

  8. Severe headache. Anyone else???

  9. Fine at first and sugars came down. Once I was around 6 or 7 fasting I got diarrhea and mental cloudiness and even slight dizziness. Am on super strict diet and exercise program and feel very good after losing 10 kg. With 10Might cut out the Janumet and see if my sugar stabilizes.

  10. Fine at first and sugars came down. Once I was around 6 or 7 fasting I got diarrhea and mental cloudiness and even slight dizziness. Am on super strict diet and exercise program and feel very good after losing 10 kg. With 10 kg to go. Might cut out the Janumet and see if my sugar stabilizes. I hate feeling dizzy as I am a lawyer and PhD student and need a clear head at all times.

  11. Moi je prends du janumet depuis 6 mois j’ai déclenché de la diarrhée et une grosse éruption cutanée avec des démangeaisons j’ai dû allez chez le dermatologue il m’a prescrit une pommade à base de cortisone j’ajoute que je fais des insulines. Après accord de mon diabetologue j’ai arrêté le janumet et depuis mes démangeaisons ont cessé et mes éruptions cutanée. J’ai par contre augmenté ma lantus et mes insulines rapides avant la prise de repas.

  12. this Janumet is a killer. I suffer from CHF, and was given this crap. I was better before I started this poison. Can’t focus, can’t breath, can’t urinate, can’t stop eating, gained weight, suicidal thoughts,,, i won’t write what i would do to my – so called”doctor”.If you are on this shit, you will die, i assure you. The makers of this shit, should be sued or executed.

  13. I’m getting severe headaches to the point of torture anybody else have this problem?

  14. I have been on Janumet for about three weeks. I have NEVER had a medicine make me so sick! It greatly diminished my appetite (which I loved) but I was always sick to my stomach. I ended up losing about 12 to 14 pounds in less than three weeks. There was significant diarrhea, yeast infections and the worst part was the insomnia and inability to concentrate I experienced will never take this medicine again

  15. Was on Junumet for 2 1/2 days, developed sever reaction to the drug. Lips swollen, sore throat, hives on face, eye swollen shut, headaches, ear pain. I am taking benadryl to get back to normal
    this medicine is not for everyone. It did lower my blood sugar, but not worth the pain,

  16. Dose anyone diabetes neuropathy do you find janumet makes it worse I am taking it 2 days now and my feet and hands are driving me mad with pain????

  17. I took Janumet 50/1000 2x per day, I experienced a skin rash all over my body. Very annoying and treatment recommended by my dematologist did not help. It got better when I stopped.
    I am upset with my doctor and myself because neither of us checked the side effects

  18. Does this make you gain weight

  19. Does anyo e have blurred vision?

  20. I began Janumet 1 week ago, yes, I have sore joints, yes, I have headaches, (which is uncommon) my blood sugars are over 11 which is ‘bad’. I can’t sleep, I had cramping, I had to quit a golf game after the 4th hole because I thought I was going to pass out. (Not normal). I have a call into the Dr. to go back to my Metformin, I wasn’t sick taking that. It was because my AIC was .91 which is high, but I think I can bring this down myself with a better diet and exercise. I had the blood test after being violently ill for about 1.5 months, so I’m guessing that the blood test is pretty screwed up because of my condition. It was very shortly after that that I went for my 3 month blood test. Anyway. Today will be the last day I’m taking this.

  21. I am taking Janumet 50/1000 mg twice a day with meals for about three weeks now. Ever since I started taking this medication my fasting sugar level is better, but I have extreme nausea and my appetite is completely gone. I don’t feel like eating anything and I force myself to eat. I have also lost about 4-5 pounds in the last 3 weeks. I am going to talk to my doctor and discuss if he can put me back on Metformin or give me some other medicine for my diabetes.

  22. I’ve been taking this for about a 3 1/2 weeks. I thought I had come down with the flu or bad cold. Started with sore throat Sinus congestion, It’s been 10 days and still have the symptoms and not getting better. I’m starting to think it is the Janunet. My Dr recently moved me to this as the stomach problems with just Metformin were so bad. My stomach does feel better but I can’t get over this cold.

  23. I’ve been taking it for about six months now…off and on – to test a theory. My blood sugar actually goes up when I’m on it, I get headaches, can’t workout anymore (with weights – get splitting, debilitating headaches) – recently, I’ve woken up in the middle of the night several times with racing heart rate – I’m a cyclist and runner. My resting heart rate is somewhere in the low 40s – but I wake up at 3:00 AM with a heart rate of 110! Not alarming for some, but for me – it’s like I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. I found out this is a symptom of low blood sugar. I was able to bring down the heart rate with an apple and finish sleeping, but I’m afraid to do any sort of physical activity. When I was off the medication for about a week – I felt like Superman! I wanted to run all the time, bike sixty miles, etc. I felt like a million bucks – but, back on the meds, I’m lithargic, my heart beats abnormally fast at times, I’ve always got a headache, and I’m moody as hell. Maybe it’s lowering my blood sugar TOO MUCH!

    Anyway, I’m going to try to beat this thing with diet and exercise alone – screw all these pharmaceutical nightmares!

  24. I’ve been on janumet for 3 years. I was doing well with it for a while. My weight was in control my sugars were good. I had bad experience starting 2016. I had headaches constantly, light headed, tight chest. I’ve been active going to the gym 3 times a week. Just this year I’ve been feeling that maybe I need a change in my meds. The headaches have come back and tightness in my chest. I have the traits of HCM but have been having my regular check ups. My sugars have never hit double digits. Just this summer I’ve tried not taking janumet for a couple of days. I couldn’t believe how much better I was feeling. Then in the middle of the week I thought I’d get back on taking them again. Reduced to once in the morning. I felt awful. I decided not to take it for a week and so far my sugars are still fine and I feel great. I’m not scheduled to see my doctor till December. I want to change my medication. Is anyone having a similar experience?

  25. Following FDA document describe many of the symptoms and side effects described above. Useful reading.https://www.fda.gov/downloads/drugs/drugsafety/ucm291878.pdf

  26. I am just starting to take janumet on a trial basis. I was wondering does anyone have any good thing to say about this product? What about a lower dose?

  27. it is a costly poison.everybody above are right

  28. I am using Janumet 50/1000 once daily regularly walk few KMs and controlled diet but never maintain the border line of blood sugar level, no other side effect.

  29. I have been taking Janumet 50/500 for the last 4yeras .and I haven’t found much of complications like many hAve mentioned here above .my sugar is wel controlled also with amaryld .the only thing I noticed m getting sothrought quite often now .in the beginning it was ok.

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