What’s Your Experience with Cetomacrogol Cream?

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Used to treat dry, sensitive skin as well as eczema and itching, cetomacrogol cream FNA is a mitigating and protective skin cream.  It contains cetomacrogol (an emulsifying agent), cetiol (a fast-spreading dry emollient), sorbitol (a humectant and texturizing agent), water and the preservative sorbic acid.

At PatientsLikeMe, where more than 120,000 patients are sharing their experiences with conditions, symptoms, treatments and more, over 700 patients report dry skin.  The majority rate this symptom as either “moderate” (35%) or “severe” (17%).   Primary conditions representing include everything from fibromyalgia to depression, showing that this uncomfortable symptom affects all different types of patients.

Only one member currently reports using cetomacrogol cream for dry skin.  Her treatment evaluation of cetomacrogol cream, which she rates as “moderately” effective, notes that “a little bit seemed to go a long way” and that she also used the cream as a facial moisturizer prior to makeup application.  However, she discontinued it after a year and a half of use.

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  1. My 3 week old baby had a rash on his face & body which the doctor said was baby acne & that it was nothing to worry about. I on the other hand thought it was eczema and got my mom to send me a product called Epizone E which contains Cetomacrogol. I started using the Epizone E 4 weeks ago and my baby is now 10 weeks old & his skin is completely clear. No more bumps or dry skin, his skin is as soft as a baby’s bottom. Hope this helps others. Happy mom and most important a happy baby.

  2. My 2month old was prescribed Epizone E for her dry skin. It works like a charm. I use Epizone A to bath her with then apply Epizone E after baths. It has no parabens, fragrance or colourants which is great. I also use it as a daily moisturizer
    - and I’ll never use anything else.

  3. I was prescribed cetomacrogol cream for an undiagnosed skin rash. I used it as a moisturiser and body wash. The rash kept coming back but whenever I applied the cream, it does visibly calm the rash down and helps with the itching.

  4. Both my 11 month old and 4 year old girl has terrible eczema. Terrible flare up. Even thou I’d occasionally use steroids. When I started using EpizoneE the flare ups frequency became less. But the trick is to use it even if there’s no eczema. Daily as emollient or soap…… In winter as emollient.
    Thank u
    South Africa
    Paediatrician as well. Trust me when they are scratchy and itchy. My logic goes out the window

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